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WE MERGE needs and the constantly advancing market know-how, making the best choices with passion, presence, strength and dynamicity.



We always walk hand in hand with our customers, ready to meet any specific needs they may have in a prompt and complete manner. The proactive approach and courtesy of our personnel allow us to flexibly, readily and promptly adapt to any need.

We care about people and the world around us both professionally and through humanitarian projects based on ethical principles of solidarity. We, at Fluidmec, strongly believe in creating strong bonds based on respect, training and lending a listening ear.

We have created a large family deeply rooted in the passion we have for our work and our total commitment to the Italian way of work. This commitment drives us to work seriously, constantly and with great dedication towards the people we interact with.

40 years in the industry, vast know-how and professionalism are the cornerstones of high quality solutions. We, at Fluidmec, boast of a diversely professional group capable of offering exclusive solutions and an all-around customer support.

We, at Fluidmec, manage our company structure in an innovative logic. Dynamicity is the key to growth as a company, expansion and communication, with a conscious idea on the direction of progress and how to move towards the future.

Our group is founded on solidity and continuity over time. Teamwork and mutual complementarity of experiences boost the skills of individuals allowing us to offer a complete service based of skills and precision.